1. Scaffolding

Feature Scaffolding

Code Snippets

Our VS Extension & VSCode Extension adds handy code snippet shortcuts to make it faster to scaffold/expand new classes in your project. JetBrains Rider users can import the snippets as LiveTemplates.

VS Code Snippet

Available Shortcuts:


// Scaffolds an endpoint with only a request dto
sealed class Endpoint : Endpoint<Request>


// Scaffolds an endpoint with request and response dtos
sealed class Endpoint : Endpoint<Request, Response>


// Scaffolds an endpoint without a request nor response dto
sealed class Endpoint : EndpointWithoutRequest


// Scaffolds an endpoint without a request dto but with a response dto
sealed class Endpoint : EndpointWithoutRequest<Response>


// Scaffolds the request & response dtos for an endpoint
sealed class Request {}
sealed class Response {}


// Scaffolds an endpoint validator for a given request dto
sealed class Validator : Validator<Request>


// Scaffolds an endpoint mapper class for the given request, response and entity dtos
sealed class Mapper : Mapper<Request, Response, Entity>


// Scaffolds a summary class for a given endpoint and request dto
sealed class Summary : Summary<Endpoint, Request>


// Scaffolds a static data class for an endpoint
static class Data


Scaffolds the complete set of classes for a full vertical slice


// Scaffolds a command handler for a given command model that does not return a result
sealed class CommandHandler : ICommandHandler<Command>


// Scaffolds a command handler for a given command model that returns a result
sealed class CommandHandler : ICommandHandler<Command, Result>


// Scaffolds an event handler for a given event model
sealed class EventHandler : IEventHandler<Event>


// Scaffolds a pre-processor for a given request dto
sealed class Processor : IPreProcessor<Request>


// Scaffolds a post-processor for a given request & response dto
sealed class Processor : IPostProcessor<Request, Response>

Integration Test Scaffolds

  • tstfixture - scaffolds a test class fixture
  • tstclass - scaffolds a test class
  • tstmethod - scaffolds a test method with a [Fact] attribute

VS New Item Template

If you're doing vertical slice architecture and placing each individual feature in their own namespace, you can take advantage of the VS Extension that will add a new item to the "add new file" dialog of visual studio to make it convenient to add feature file sets to your project.

Once installed, your visual studio add new item dialog will have FastEndpoints Feature File Set listed under Installed > Visual C# node. Then, instead of entering a file name, simply enter the namespace you want your new feature to be added to followed by .cs

A new feature file set will be created in the folder you selected.

There will be 4 new files created under the namespace you chose.

  • Data.cs - Use this class to place all of your data access logic.

  • Models.cs - Place your request, response DTOs and the validator in this file.

  • Mapper.cs - Domain entity mapping logic will live here.

  • Endpoint.cs - This will be your new endpoint definition.

Click here for an example feature file set.

VS Extension

Dotnet New Item Template

If you prefer working with the cli, you can use our dotnet new template to create a new feature file set.

  dotnet new install FastEndpoints.TemplatePack


The example feature below will use the following input parameters:

  • Namespace: MyProject.Comments.Create
  • Method POST
  • Route: api/comments

Files will be created in folder Features/Comments/Create:

dotnet new feat -n MyProject.Comments.Create -m post -r api/comments -o Features/Comments/Create

Available Options

> dotnet new feat --help

FastEndpoints Feature Fileset (C#)
  -t|--attributes  Whether to use attributes for endpoint configuration
                   bool - Optional
                   Default: false

  -p|--mapper      Whether to use a mapper
                   bool - Optional
                   Default: true

  -v|--validator   Whether to use a validator
                   bool - Optional
                   Default: true

  -m|--method      Endpoint HTTP method
                   Default: GET

  -r|--route       Endpoint path
                   string - Optional
                   Default: api/route/here

Project Scaffolding

In order to scaffold new projects, install the Template Pack if not already installed:

dotnet new install FastEndpoints.TemplatePack

Bare-Bones Starter Project Template

A new FastEndpoints starter project including traditional integration testing setup with xUnit:

dotnet new feproj -n MyAwesomeProject

Integrated Testing Project Template

An alternate starter project that places xUnit tests alongside the endpoints that are being tested:

dotnet new feintproj -n MyAwesomeProject

xUnit Test Project

A xUnit integration testing project:

dotnet new fetest

VS New Project Dialog

After the template pack is installed with dotnet new, the project templates will show up in Visual Studio as well.

VS New Project Dialog

Community Project Templates

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